MelaFind® is the first and only medical device to non-invasively see below the surface of the skin to analyze lesions, such as irregular moles, for signs of melanoma. This painless procedure is FDA approved in the U.S. and collects and analyzes information about irregular moles to help detect melanoma at its most curable stage. MelaFind produces immediate results for analysis and comparison with the patient’s medical history for an accurate diagnosis.

This cutting-edge computer technology makes use of ten different wavelengths of light to see below the surface of the skin and collect data from moles as deep as 2.5mm under the skin’s surface. The scan takes only a few minutes but offers valuable information to help dermatologists create an effective treatment plan. Melanoma diagnosed in the early stages has higher cure rates and minimal scarring after removal. Dr. Mandy offers MelaFind technology to help patients find and cure skin cancer using this quick, painless detection method.