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Tomato paste and the Fountain of Youth

Combating Cellular Fatigue


Scientists at the genomic laboratory of Proctor and Gamble have been looking into the causes of cell fatigue.   One of the apparent causes is damage due to a part of the cell called mitochondria.  These tiny organs within each cell are the cell’s energy factories.

They contain mitochondrial DNA which becomes damaged through the metabolic process to produce energy, called oxidation (which is why “antioxidants” are so popular). It has been shown that certain things can minimize or reverse this process and restore mitochondria to more normal function.  One of the agents is lycopene, which is extracted from tomatoes.  It is particularly interesting that the form from fresh tomatoes is not as active as from cooked tomatoes, as in tomato paste.  In fact, in one study, a tablespoon of tomato paste eaten daily is sufficient to repair the damage.  An extract of olive oil also functioned in the same way, and repairs the DNA damage.  Another valuable food is vitamin B3, niacinamide which can reverse oxidative stress.  Lastly, dill seed extract has been shown to increase elasticity in the skin and most probably other tissues such as blood vessels and muscle. Many of these ingredients are major components of the “Mediterranean Diet”.   So soon we will be applying creams or lotions containing these ingredients to restore the youth and vitality to our aging skins.  In the meantime should we be eating a sandwich everyday that is slathered with olive oil, tomato paste and sweet dill pickles?  Sounds pretty good to me.